search and click

Send real humans to complete a search query and click on your desired result.

image recognition

Have workers verify specific images for you to easily recognize. (coming soon)


Real humans will take surveys to provide you with valuable feedback. (coming soon)

What is Slingtask?

A crowd of real humans doing verified tasks

Are you looking for real humans to perform quick tasks? Slingtask was built for you. With a crowd of verified humans, we offer a solution for various online tasks and provide you with valuable feedback.

SEO Success by Improving CTR

Send real, verified humans to your page through organic search has proven to be an effective way to boost your ranking position. Improving your click-through rate will give your site the boost it needs!

Real humans, never bots

All of our task workers have been verified to be real humans. We carefully monitor our crowd to ensure you get what you pay for. 

pay for what your order

By verifying the results of your tasks, we make sure that you only pay for unique, completed tasks. 

valuable feedback

Our workers give us valuable feedback that we pass along to you. Learn where workers find your site in their organic searches and more!

continoulsy evolving

We understand SEO is always changing, so it’s necessary to say ahead of the game. With Slingtask, we’re constantly improving our techniques to maximize your results.

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